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Dearborn County Superior
Courts Probation

General Information

Dearborn County Superior Courts Probation Department is located at:

Hoosier Square
215 W. Williams Street
Lawrenceburg, Indiana  47025 

Our office hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. We are closed for lunch from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. Please note that you will be seen by appointment only. If you need to schedule an appointment, please call.

812-532-3220 (fax)

Mission Statement

The mission of Probation is to require accountability for offenders' actions and to also provide misdemeanor and felony offenders with necessary services or conditions involving intervention, treatment, and education in order to reduce recidivism and ensure the safety and welfare of the community.



Probation Orientation: Probation Orientation is held Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday in the morning and afternoon. The purpose of orientation is to review the rules and requirements of probation as well as indiviudal sentencing orders with each person placed on probation.

Dearborn County Superior Court No. 1 A.C.C. (Accountability, Change, and Community) Court: A.C.C. Court focuses on offenders with drug or drug related offenses and provides these individuals with the proper counseling and supervision to help the offender re-establish themselves into the community and become a productive member of society, while keeping the public safe. More information about A.C.C. Court is provided in the link to the right titled "A.C.C. Court Handbook."

Dearborn County Superior Court II Drug and Alcohol Program: This program addresses the drug and alcohol abuse issues that are prevalent among offenders through individually evaluating each offender and then recommending and providing intervention, treatment, and/or education. In turn, these services will provide an effective framework for breaking the cycle of repeat offending while promoting positive life changes. The education program offers both Basic and Advanced Substance Abuse Education. Further information about the program is provided in the link to the right titled "A & D Program Orientation Form."

Jail Chemical Addictions Program (JCAP): JCAP addresses drug and alcohol addiction in our community by targeting those in jail. This program promotes accountability and responsibility. Additional information about the program is provided on the link to the right titled "JCAP Description."
National Association of Drug Court ProfessionalsIndiana Judicial Center -Drug Court Information A.C.C. Court Handbook
A & D Program orientation form


Steve Kelly, Probation Officer
Sean Schaffer, Probation Officer
Joe Paul, Probation Officer
Brittany Phillippe, Probation Officer
Karrisa Simpson, Probation Officer
Kristy Alig, Probation Officer
Kathi Prarat, Support Staff
Shavonne Mehlbauer,  JCAP Program Director..............Office located at D.C. Law Enforcement Center 812-532-2091
Timothy McDivitt, Addictions Counselor for JCAP.......Office located at D.C. Law Enforcement Center


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