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Official Documents

Comprehensive Plan

Zoning Ordinance

Subdivision Control Ordinance

Public Involvement 
Community Profile
Housing Element
Transportation Element
Public Facilities Element
Land Use Element
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U.S. 50 Gateway Study

Executive Summary 
Table of Contents 
Chapter 1: Current Conditions
Chapter 2: Future Land Use Concepts
Chapter 3: Future Access Management Plan
Chapter 4: Cost Estimate Methodology
Chapter 5: Evaluation
Chapter 6: Prioritizations & Recommendations
Chapter 7: Zoning & Access Management
Chapter 8: Next Steps for Implementation
Chapter 9: Public Involvement Summary
Appendix A: Inventoried Structures


Appendix D: Supplemental Information
*A hard copy of these Appendices may be obtained at the Planning & Zoning Office.

Article 1: Purpose & Authority

Article 2: Advisory Plan
Article 3: Advisory Board of
Zoning Appeals

Article 4: Pre-Existing Nonconforming Uses
Article 5: Zoning Map & Text Amendments 
Article 6: Permitting,
Enforcement, & Fees

Article 7: Provisions for
Official Zoning Map

Article 8: Flood Plain 
Article 9: Agricultural
Districts (A)

Article 10: Residential
Districts (R)

Article 11: Business
Districts (B)
Article 12: Highway
Interchange districts (H-1)

Article 13: Manufacturing
Districts (M)

Article 14: Sexually Oriented Businesses
Article 15: Telecommunication Facilities
Article 16: Planned Unit Developments
Article 17: Plot Plan Review
Article 18: Wind Energy
Conversion Systems

Article 20: Signs 
Article 21: Parking & Loading areas
Article 22: Landscaping,
Screening, & Bufferyard Requirements

Article 23: Site Plan Review 
Article 24: Transportation Regulations
Article 25: General

Article 26: Uniform Numbering System
Article 27: Definitions
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Article 1: Purpose & Authority
Article 2: Subdivision Types &
Review Procedures
Article 3: Design Standards for Subdivision Review
Article 4: Assurances of Improvements
Article 5: Procedures for Inspections & Fees 
Article 6: Definitions
Article 7: Certificates
Appendix A
Appendix B 
Appendix C
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Housing Assessment

Executive Summary 
1. Community Profile 
2. Housing Cost Burden
3. Type & Quality of Housing 
4. Housing Condition Survey 
5. Changes in Housing Inventory
6. Special Needs & Homeless
7. Services Support. 
8. Adequacy of Infrastructure 
9. Neighborhood Needs
10. Market Conditions
11. Strategies 
12. Action Plan

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