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Current County Construction Projects

Bridge 159 (George Street in Aurora)

This project is located in downtown Aurora.  The project consists of repairing structural members, the decking, painting, and other miscellaneous work.  The project cost for construction is $789,764.  This is a federal funded project and is to begin in spring 2011, with work to be completed prior to Farmer's Fair, 2011.

North Dearborn Road Improvement

This project is from 1600 feet east of SR 1 to 2300 feet east of Hiltz Road and is a safety improvement project to remove several horizontal and vertical curves, install 6ft shoulders, replace one bridge, and other miscellaneous work.  It is a federal funded project.  Estimated project costs are $3,000,000.  This project is schedule to begin construction in  summer 2013.

 2010 Culvert Projects

The following projects are to be installed by county work crews:

  1. Trackville Road - Replace  small structure, $30,000

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