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Frequently Asked Questions

The following are typical questions the department is asked on a regular basis.  In the event that your question is not listed, please contact us at (812) 537 - 8835 for additional information.

  1. When will my road be plowed?  All primary roads are plowed first (access to the schools, hospitals, and other critical care facilities).  Secondary roads, which include all subdivision roads, will be plowed only after the primary roads are made sufficiently passable.  This may mean that subdivision roads and dead end gravel roads may not be plowed until several days after the snow event. We encourage citizens to keep watch of the weather and make preparations in the event that work crews can not provide service for several days.  (See parking below, item
  2. Can I be put on the list to have my road plowed first because I have a sick relative?  Unfortunately, no such list exists.  The department recommends that individuals who believe winter road conditions may interfere with the care of their relatives should make other arrangements to prevent being stuck in their home, prior to the snow event.
  3. Can I park on the county roads?  Under county ordinances, no parking is allowed for any reason on county roads.  You may be subject to a ticket or having your car towed by the sheriff.
  4. I have a dead deer, will you pick it up and dispose of it?  Maybe.  In the event that a deer is in the roadway and a danger to the traveling public, we will remove the deer.  As a general rule, a dead deer in the ditch line and not directly in front of a house is not sufficient reason to warrant removal.
  5. My street sign is missing, will you replace it?   The department will repair broken, damaged, or missing street signs for public roads only.  Private street signs are the responsibility of the homeowners. Private street signs typically have a brown background and white letters.
  6. My mailbox was hit by a snow plow truck, will you replace it?  The department will only repair mailboxes that have been physically hit by a snow plow truck (i.e. the truck left the roadway and struck your mailbox).  Please call the department and the highway supervisor will conduct a site visit and determine if the county is liable.  The county will NOT repair or replace mailboxes that have been knocked over by snow and ice which was thrown from a plow.
  7. Someone threw trash in the ditch along the roadway, will you pick it up?   Unfortunately no, the department is not responsible for trash pickup. It is the landowner's responsibility to see that trash is disposed of in a proper manner.  It is suggested you call Community Corrections to see if you can get your road on a list of roads that will have trash picked up by persons on probation in the summer months.
  8. Dearborn County has a Gambling Boat, why isn't my road paved?  At this time, the Highway Department's portion of the taxes collected from Argosy (Hollywood) Casino does not allow us to pave dead end roads.   The revenue is currently being used to keep the thru roads in good condition.

Citizens should understand that the majority of taxes (approx 75%) goes to the lead agency, which is the City of Lawrenceburg and not Dearborn County.  The county's portion is further split among 26 separate county agencies, by County Council, based on immediate need. 

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