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Speed Limits

To be in compliance with Indiana Law, the Dearborn County Transportation and Engineering Department began a comprehensive review of all speed limits on all county roads, in January 2009.  The review has been completed and all proper enforceable speed limits will be posted by June 2011.

The review and subsequent determination of speed limits was based on Indiana Law (IC 9-21-5) and the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD & IC 9-21-2).

The posting of speed limits are based on:

  1. Speeds can't be posted greater than 55 MPH
  2. An engineering traffic study must be performed in order to adjust speed limits.
  3. Speeds are to be based on the 85% speed of free flowing traffic. (MUTCD)
  4. Roads must be posted with speed limit signs.
A comprehensive ordinance has been adopted, which lists the posted speed limit for all county raods.  Speed Limit Table (.PDF)

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