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Planning Background

Water Quality Management Plans are required by the federal Clean Water Act to identify water quality problems in metropolitan areas and recommend how to address them, in the process avoiding duplications of effort by local sewer agencies and stretching limited taxpayer dollars. Preparing a current water quality management plan with updated data, findings, and recommendations will build on the work of many entities within the county and the state, and should enable water quality improvements by identifying shared concerns and priorities for action. OKI was designated as the agency for water quality management planning in Dearborn County by the governor of Indiana over 30 years ago, and has recently obtained a grant to bring the original plan up to date. OKI has worked with the Dearborn County government, the County’s planning commission, soil and water conservation district, watershed planning coordinators, health department, wastewater treatment entities in the County and appropriate state and federal agencies in an effort to obtain the best available data, analysis, and recommendations for the Dearborn County Water Quality Management Plan Update.

Plan Amendment

On March 10, 2011, the Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Regional Council of Governments (OKI) passed amendment #34 to the OKI Regional Water Quality Management (WQM) Plan requested by the Dearborn County Commissioners, after inviting comments during a 45-day public comment period and public hearing on February 28 and after considering the comments received.

The amendment enables construction of sewers and identifies the boundaries of a wastewater facility planning area (FPA) for an area in northeastern Dearborn County.  It also recognizes the Dearborn County Regional Sewer District as the management agency responsible for
wastewater collection and treatment within the FPA boundaries.

FPA Map of Requested Amendment

Dearborn County Commissioners request
Proposed Amendment # 34 Staff Report
Signed, Approved Amendment #34

Advisory Committee

Advisory Committee - Membership List
Advisory Committee - Roles & Meeting Schedule

Advisory Committee Meetings & Prepared Materials:

April 12, 2010 June 14, 2010 September 13, 2010
Meeting Agenda Meeting Agenda Meeting Agenda
Population Trends FPA Population Projections Soil Suitability
Land Use & Future Growth Major Wastewater Facilities Water Quality Monitoring
Dearborn County Base Map Water Quality Impairment Data Population Projections
Impaired Waters Map Nonpoint Sources, Probable Causes Provider Interviews
Meeting Summary Meeting Summary Meeting Summary

December 13, 2010 January 24, 2011 April 11, 2011
Meeting Agenda Meeting Agenda Meeting Agenda
Meeting Summary Meeting Summary Meeting Summary

June 13, 2011
Meeting Agenda
Meeting Summary
Draft FPA Map: February 2011
Draft FPA Map: June 13, 2011
Final Draft FPA Map: June 27, 2011
County Health Department Comments
City of Greendale Comments
Materials from St. Leon

Final Draft WQM Plan Materials

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Purpose & Process
Chapter 2: Water Resources
Chapter 3: Land Use & Population
Chapter 4: Nonpoint Source Pollution Management
Chapter 5: Point Source Management

Public Meetings

May 10, 2010 May 9, 2011
Public Announcement Agenda and WQM Plan Update Description
Slide Presentation Slide Presentation
Meeting Summary Meeting Summary
Survey Results Summary


Dearborn County Plan Commission staff and Ohio Kentucky Indiana (OKI) Regional Council of Governments staff will provide support to the planning advisory committee and produce materials for public distribution.  If you have any questions or concerns about this plan or the planning process, please contact:

Jane Wittke
OKI Regional Council of Governments
(513) 621-6300

Mark McCormack
Dearborn County Plan Commission
(812) 537-8821

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